We are Lozen

We are a sustainable clothing brand that celebrates the beauty of our planet and human connection, whilst nurturing your authentic self and finding your inner spirit.

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Soft Recycled Leggings With Pockets - Black
Soft Recycled Leggings With Pockets - Black
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Organic hoody - Mushroom
Organic hoody - Mushroom
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Soft Recycled Sports Bra - Black
Soft Recycled Sports Bra - Black
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Sustainability at Lozen

At the heart of Lozen we strive to be sustainable and protect our earth.

  • Our spandex is made with recycled materials, such as used plastic water bottles and fishing nets.
  • We use 100% organic cotton to protect your skin and the environment.
  • Our cotton is recycled to reduce the environmental impact and to protect the planet.
  • We plant trees for every sale made to help nurture and repair the earth.

Welcome my friend

The Seed of Friendship

With every new order we embrace a tradition of gifting you seeds as a token of friendship. By sharing these seeds, we hope to sow the seeds of trust, understanding and respect, fostering a bond that transcends more than mere transactions.

In return we will plant a tree through Grow My Tree, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint and nurture our relationship with nature.

Become an earth guardian

Love Mother Earth

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Lozen Stories

Explore and find your spirit

Using Nature for my Creative Inspiration

  She finds inspiration in the serene beauty of nature to craft her exquisite pieces.  She sees nature as the ultimate muse, drawing from its colors, textures, and forms to infuse...

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I Found Solace in Simplicity

Through the cobblestone mews, I embarked on a serene journey, the city's heartbeat softened to a gentle hum.  She wears 100% organic cotton joggers The narrow passageways, adorned with ivy-clad...

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Enchanted by Simplicity and Lost in Her Thoughts

Lozen's exploration of the enchanting countryside hamlet was a journey of sheer wonder and discovery. As she ventured down meandering pathways, the air was imbued with the fragrance of wildflowers,...

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