The seed of friendship

In the spirit of Native Indians, the exchange of seeds symbolizes the power to cultivate deep and meaningful friendships. Just as seeds hold the potential to blossom into thriving plants, these connections have the potential to flourish and grow.


With every new order, we embrace this tradition by including seeds as a token of friendship. By sharing these seeds, we hope to sow the seeds of trust, understanding, and respect, fostering a bond that transcends mere transactions.

But our commitment to friendship doesn't end there. For every seed received, we pledge to plant a tree, contributing to the reforestation efforts and the preservation of our precious forests. In nurturing these trees, we nurture our new friendships, creating a sustainable ecosystem that thrives on care and support.

In the footsteps of the remarkable Lozen, a renowned Apache warrior and spiritual leader, we draw inspiration to forge connections that are strong and enduring. Just as Lozen fearlessly protected her people, we strive to protect and nurture the relationships we cultivate.

As the trees we plant grow, so too will our friendships, branching out and intertwining, creating a network of support and shared experiences. Like the interdependent ecosystem of a thriving forest, our connections strengthen, providing shade during challenging times and celebrating growth and success together.

Spirit of Lozen

So let us embark on this journey together, guided by the wisdom of our Native Indian ancestors. Let us honor their legacy by sowing the seeds of friendship, tending to our forests, and embracing the beauty of interconnectedness. Together, we can nurture deep-rooted relationships that withstand the test of time, blooming with compassion, understanding, and the shared joy of cultivating a better world.